The Innsbruck 2012 Mascot

Yoggl loves doing sport. Here he is with YOG Ambassador Kevin Rolland - can you guess who is who?!

Hi, I'm Yoggl, your mascot! I’m a chamois and I live in the Karwendel mountains of Innsbruck and Seefeld, though my family and I also enjoy spending a lot of time in the steep and rocky mountains around Kühtai.

My name, Yoggl (pronounced like 'YOG'), is based on the typical Tyrolean name ‘Joggl’, which is a short form for Jakob, a very common name in Tyrol. Yoggl is the compound of this nickname and the acronym of the Youth Olympic Games, YOG.

The beautiful mountains and valleys of the Tyrolean Alps are my home, so that’s why sustainability and respect towards nature are very important for me. I hope I can count on your help and support in promoting this cause.

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