Mixed Doubles - Gold & Bronze Player Reactions



Michael Brunner, Switzerland: “Our opponents had some big shots and big mistakes. So the score is pretty high. But it’s really cool that we have won. We went to the final just thinking – let’s have some fun!

Nicole Muskatewitz, Germany: "I'm so happy, my feelings are confused! I think we’ll celebrate and party tonight – he’s a double gold medallist and I think that should be celebrated!"

Martin Sesaker, Norway: "I expected us to be able to make it to the quarters but I did not expect that we could make it to the final, so I am really happy. I knew they were good, but we were unlucky we had a few shots that were really tight to the guard and hit the guard, stones that were really important – key stones. All in all it was good. We were unlucky and they were good so it went bad for us."

Eunbi Kim, Korea: "It’s disappointing because of the difference in the score, it’s a big gap."

"Kim on becoming the first Korean to win an Olympic curling medal: “I am really happy and it’s so meaningful to me because I won the medal for the first time for Korea."



Minhyeon Yoo, Korea: "I believed we had a similar ability to the Russia/USA opponents but we were unlucky. I thought I and Mako were going to win because when I looked at Verenich’s last stone it looked like it was wide. I closed my eyes and prayed at that point, when I opened my eyes I was so disappointed."

Korey Dropkin, USA: "Everything feels awesome right now. I’m just so happy that we won a medal. It’s been a great time here!"

"I was nervous when she was about to throw her last stone, but I knew that she would come through. She threw a great last shot and that’s all I could have asked for, and we won!"

Marina Verenich, Russia: "It’s a great honor for me. It was my dream and I’m really very happy that I could win a medal for Russia.

"Certainly I was really worried when I was about to throw the last stone but all the spectators from Russia and the USA were supporting us and so it was a big help for us, and that is why we won.

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