Mixed Doubles Last 16 - Session 1 - Player Reaction


Anastasia Moskaleva, Russia: “It was easier today as the first time is was a little bit difficult to communicate with my partner from another country. But now we understand each other a bit better we are having more fun. I feel that we are now one team and it was now a lot easier to play together today.

“I think he is a very good curler. He is a very assured so I am very assured and I’m now very close to him and feel we are working well together.

Tsukasa Horigome, Japan: “I’m happy and I’m looking forward to the next game. It’s hard to tell how we will do because in Mixed Doubles the scores can go either way. Anastasia is good at moving the stone and a good lead for me which helps him.”


Martin Sesaker, Norway: “I can’t really describe how I’m feeling right now – I’m really sleepy. It could have went either way so I’m happy with how it went. I’d say that they got unlucky and missed some key stones. When you don’t pick them up then you lose the match.”

“My partner played some really good shots again today, I’m really impressed with her. All her draws are great, she’s good at speed, she played really well.”


Corryn Brown, Canada: I’m starting to learn more of the strategy. I’m starting to play a lot more offensively because you need to have a lot of rocks in play. You can’t hit until five stones are in play, but since the first game I’ve grasped it this new concept very well. Martin’s been doing very well as well. It’s key to have the first rock position spot on and he’s been making his last stones count. I had an opportunity to lay three in one end but I screwed up so I was lucky he made his last shot to make up for my mistake.”

Martin Reichel, Austria: “I find it quite interesting to play in Mixed Doubles. I’m learning a lot from my partner. She puts up some really good shots with the three stones in the middle which always makes my last shot easier. We’re working well as a team together and hope it continues.”


Korey Dropkin, USA: "It’s been a pretty good experience. We played well today. Some ends we were in trouble and came out a little rocky and made some nice shots at the end and things sometimes go our way.

"We had draw weight and got our freezes down. We got a couple lucky breaks with their rocks coming up light or being a little outside. That was basically the key to the success today… having draw weight.

"It’s difficult. We basically just use hand signals. She knows my word for sweep and it works out well. we’re doing pretty well with it."

Marina Verenich, Russia,: “Korey is always assured when he makes his decisions, and makes them very fast, so I think this makes our play very good. It’s a fantastic experience playing with Korey and I’m learning a lot from him – he’s a very good curler and is really friendly.”

“I like playing Mixed Doubles very much. I haven’t played in this kind of competition before but it is exciting for both the players and the spectators because there’s always a lot of rocks in play and usually high scores."

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