Mixed Doubles Last 16 - Session 2 - Player Reaction


Taylor Anderson, USA: "I'm excited. It's all really good competition. It's really fun, and I'm looking forward to the next game. I'm excited to curl every day though."

Anderson made an in-off shot using the opponent's stone to roll to the button for the win. "I knew I had good weight, but his [Menzies] face was dropped and he was like 'Right off,' and I was like, 'no,' because I thought we missed it."

"We communicate really well. We hang out together after the games, it helps that we speak the same language."

Taylor Anderson, USA: "She seems to play amazing under pressure so it's perfect. We seem to call a good game. We're aggressive all the way and had a couple big shots each end and that seems to work. I think you just have to go really aggressive and try to set up the big shots for the big ends."


Mikhail Vaskov, Russia: “I was thinking a lot about the last stone, then I took my decision then it worked out quite good. I was thinking about the delivery and I actually wanted to do it a little bit differently but it was a success, thankfully. I hope that the next game will also be successful for us - we will fight until the end.”

Zuzana Hruzova, Czech Republic: “Initially I thought there was a fat chance that Mikhail would deliver the stone correctly. But then, when I saw it, I was totally stunned. I cannot describe my emotions – it’s impossible. We both played really well together and so far so good - it has worked out well for us.”


Mako Tamakuma (JPN) explained that there’s a good chemistry between her and her Korean teammate, Minhyeon Yoo (KOR).

She says she’s been using an electronic dictionary to translate Japanese to Korean in order to communicate with her partner.

Yoo joked that Tamakuma had very good Korean – as a result of using her electronic translator! For Yoo, it’s been a really good experience taking part in these games and he hopes it will be helpful for his future.

He thought they could win their game against Mosaner (ITA) and Brettbacher (AUT) but he was nervous when they got three points. Looking to the next stage of the event – he believes he and Tamakuma can win gold.


Nicole Muskatewitz, Germany: “It helps both being German speakers, plus he’s a really nice guy. I think it’s important that we both communicate well and, if you have the weight, you have the line you tend to score points which wins you the game.”

Michael Brunner, Switzerland: “We both speak German which makes communication easier, and when you both play well together and you can speak to each other easily, it works out well. We have also managed to play the first stone well, which always makes the delivery of the last stone easier, which is very important in Mixed Doubles. It’s been great fun playing with another country, and we’ve been quite lucky in that we both speak the same language. For me, it’s not much pressure, so it’s more fun than competition, but I still want to win.”

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