Mixed Doubles Semifinals - Player Reaction


Minhyeon Yoo, Korea: “I was surprised by the scoreline but I felt panicked throughout the game. We made a few more mistakes than we did yesterday and ultimately that cost us the game. Mixed Doubles was not as difficult as I thought it would be.”

“We need to pick ourselves up and try really hard to get the bronze medal.”

Eunbi Kim, Korea: “I feel really happy because it was a big win but also really sad because Korea lost as a result. It was really hard today playing against someone from my Mixed Team (Korea) - it didn’t feel like it was competition, it felt like it was practice.”

Martin Sesaker, Norway: “I enjoy the success and this was a great win. Eunbi said it felt like a practice game out there and often in curling this is really important because it feels like you don’t have any pressure on you, a bit of a relief when you’re in a very important game. To be honest, it didn’t feel like a big scoring game. In this particular game, you have to draw in front of the t-line to get points, if it is behind you can’t because you will just freeze it. Then when you’re in front you have much more possibilities. I have no doubt we can go on to win this final.

“I know Michael well and I think his team mate is very good. It will be a hard match. We are good at defensive shots and they are good at offensive so it will an interesting game.”


Nicole Muskatewitz, Germany: “Mixed Doubles is very different because there’s only two of you so there’s less brushing. You have to communicate more and understand each other to make it work and we’re luck we both speak the same language, which I think has helped a lot. Without communication it would be very difficult."

Michael Brunner, Switzerland: "I met Dropkin earlier in the group and he is a great player so I knew how tough it would be. But we went out and had fun and we played really well."

"I feel really awesome, it feels really good to know I will get a second medal and we are very hopefully for the final. Of course I would like it to be a gold, but I will go into the other game and have some fun and you never know what will happen in curling."

Korey Dropkin, USA: "I was feeling pretty confident coming in. I thought we were going to give them a good game.

"They made a lot of their shots but we didn’t make many of ours. They had a good game and congratulations to them.

"I just got to do what I always do. Forget about this game and play my best. Whether it's easy or not, I’m going to have to do it."

Marina Verenich, Russia: "I would say that my opponent was more serious and sure. My partner plays very well and maybe it was my fault that we lost.

"Certainly, I’d like to win and to play this game as good as possible. I’d like to not give up but so it was."

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