Mixed Doubles Session 1 - Player Reaction


Zuzana Hruzova, Czech Republic: “We are really happy that we got through this round and I’m looking forward to our next game. It was really difficult to communicate but both of us have experienced this issue before and it is something we will be working on. We have been using different ways to communicate but it has been fun - we are really enjoying playing together.”

Mikhail Vaskov, Russia: “It’s really cool to play with a player from another country. We got acquainted at practice yesterday and winning today was a really good experience. So far I really like playing Mixed Doubles because it’s a new format for me and we are both looking forward to playing together again.”

Anna Gretskaya, Russia, coach of Zuzana Hruzova (CZE) and Mikhail Vaskov (RUS): "This part of the competition is very interesting because two players from different countries play together. However, I was very worried about how it was going to work. Because Zuzana doesn’t speak English very well, I was worried that I might not understand what the other team member might ask. But in the end, I realised that they all had the same objective and that it was going to work out. By using only two or three words, we were able to understand each other."

Alessandro Zoppi, Italy: "It’s really different from the normal game - you don’t have someone who sweeps for you, so you have to give more ice in the shots. It’s completely different. It was really hard for me."

"They told us our partner yesterday, so we only had a 40 minutes training yesterday. In 40 minutes you can’t know your partner very well.

Marie Turmann, Estonia: “I have played Mixed Doubles in Estonia in our Championships, but it was hard here because I don’t know my partner. It’s really hard to get the directions, I don’t know how he throws or sweeps!"


Thomas Scoffin, Canada: “We had a great game. Japan and Great Britain battled hard. The score wasn’t exactly how the game went, we’re feeling good and looking forward to the next game. Kelsi’s a great player, she made a beautiful shot in the last end to seal the victory and in each end she’s making the shots, so we’re looking pretty good. “

On Mixed Doubles, Thomas commented: “I love it, it’s great fun. It’s cool to meet people from across the world. New Zealand is the opposite corner of the world to Canada so you couldn’t have picked two people who live much further away from each other.”

Kelsi Heath, New Zealand: “Thomas is great, he made all his shots which helped us win today. I had a lot of fun out there, it’s not something I’ve played before and it was good playing with Canada who performed really well in the Mixed Team competition. There’s a long way to go but I reckon we might be in with a chance of a medal, we just need to play hard and stay focused.”

Great Britain Coach Brad Askew coaching Thomas Muirhead (GBR) and Mizuki Kitaguchi (JPN): "It's a great challenge as coach. First of all you have to get over the language barrier. But these kids all speak the language of curling! They all know the hand signals used in the game and once you’ve worked that out – they were ready to go out there and play.”


Ina Roll Backe, Norway: “It feels great to get the win today, even with some challenges. We can’t talk to each other – we don’t speak one language which we can both communicate in, but it went well. We have got some signs and use body language but to be honest, we didn’t need to communicate too much. I think this shows that you don’t have to speak the same language to be able to communicate with someone from another country. Jin Bo is a great curler, he played a lot of amazing shots and is a really nice person. We’re a good team and feeling great ahead of the next game.”

Jin Bo Wang, China: “I think very highly of my new partner. She did really good job on the key stones and she is very competitive. But I think I need to learn more English so I can communicate better with her. We played well today and I hope we can continue to perform throughout the competition.”

Camilla Schnabel, Austria: “We’ve never played together but we see each other often at curling competitions and we’ve played against each other.”

Jordan Wahlin, Sweden: “I think it’s fun. We had a good advantage because we didn’t have the language barrier. It’s sad that we lost.

"It was my first time [playing Mixed Doubles]. I thought it was fun because there are so many stones in play, you don’t have that in normal curling.”

"It’s definitely more of an offensive game. The tactics are a bit different, that’s fun. I like challenges, especially tactical challenges. You not allowed to hit any rocks, it’s not just a guard zone rule It’s more challenging it doesn't really matter where in the house they end up. The end of the round becomes more exciting with more rocks in play. It’s fun. I love it.”


Nicole Muskatewiz, Germany: “It is a great feeling to win the game. It is the first time we’ve played Mixed Doubles and the first time we’ve played together competitively, but it was great fun.”

She added: “It is a new experience to play Mixed Doubles. It’s a lot different to what we are used to in our teams of four. In this format you have to make so many different types of shots so although it is a lot more difficult it is good challenge. We’re really hopeful for the next game and I hope we have fun and great success.”

Michael Brunner, Switzerland: “It was really good playing with Nicole, she is a good curler and it was an interesting experience playing with another nation. Mixed Curling was great fun, with so many stones it’s a lot more offensive, which suits my style of play.”

He added: “In Mixed doubles anything is possible, but if we win a few more matches you never know, we could go far. If we continue to play well together, in good harmony, I’m sure we will be fine and I hope it will work out for us.

Sarah Anderson, USA: “Oh, yes, I would definitely play this again. I like this instead of just a bunch of boring clean ends.”

“It was fun and challenging with him not speaking English and me not speaking Korean, but it was definitely a good experience and a lot of fun."

About the final shot: “I wasn’t sure if it was there. It was either that or I was gonna come down the right side with peel weight and tick them both over but I thought, ‘Hey it’s a fun shot, let’s try it’ and hopefully it will go well. I probably needed more weight.”

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