Mixed Doubles Session 2 - Player Reaction

KOR / CZE 10

Krystof Krupansky, Czech Republic: “It’s perfect, we love it and we’re very happy. We were better than our opponents and had good communication. We can speak only English. Yesterday we practised together for one hour”

Daniel Rothsballer, Germany: “I have played Mixed Doubles in practice before but this was the first time in a competition. It was good fun and a great opportunity to meet players from other nations. In our sport there is a curling family - many people know each other and they meet each other at other events. But for many of us young athletes we have not met many other people in the sport so it’s great meeting all of these people for the first time and I’m sure we will meet some of these guys in the future. For example, Arianna told me about a curling tournament in Pinarollo which I’m thinking of going to, so it’s things like that we can share with each other - it’s cool.”

Arianna Losano: “I have never played Mixed Doubles before. For me it was the first time but it was fun. There are no sweepers so if you don’t have the right line you can make some mistakes. It was a greaqt experience though - I learned about how they train in Germany, the different teams in that country and got to meet the German team who he has been here with. I also got the opportunity to work with his coach who was very knowledgeable; I was very impressed. Although we’re disappointed to go out, we are glad we got to meet each other and have made a good friendship.”


Corryn Brown, Canada: “It feels great to win because this competition is pretty tough – it’s single knock-out, so it’s really great to get our first game out the way with a win.

“It was certainly strange throwing one rock then three rocks then one. You definitely need a different strategy and a different frame of mind going into it. You’re playing more, you’re not hitting as much because you’re not allowed to hit until five rocks are in play, so your definitely throwing a lot more draw shots and freezes which are a lot of the tougher plus you’re keeping a lot of shots in play.

“We worked very well as a combination. I started throwing the first and fifth stones then we developed and worked out it was actually better Martin throwing those stones, so we evolved as play went on. We worked well – a lot of sign language happens, I have to talk with my hands a lot, but our coach is also really good at interpreting English as well.

“It was quite tense, it wasn’t as high as we hoped for. But we got three under in one end, kept it really close and it was an exciting game.”

Shinya Abe, Japan, coach of Ying Cao (CHN) and Shingo Usui (JPN): “There is a language barrier between both of them and it was hard to communicate. It was good to try. Actually I didn’t see or play Mixed Doubles before. So it’s been tough for me too!”

Ying Cao, China: "The strategy and tactics were very different in this game. Our Japanese coach gave us different strategies to play in the game and it was a big difference for me. Shingo Usui didn't play his to his full potential in the game. I think it was due to the problems we had with communicating and as a result our team work was not so good."


Markus Skogvold, Norway: "It was like a new game. It doesn’t work playing defensively, you have to go with the play. We had good communication and were always really positive, supporting each other throughout the game, so we learned a lot from each other.

"There’s a lot to learn from this format - there’s different tactics which we can take into the real game so yeh, it was definitely a positive learning experience and we’ve become great friends.”

Luke Steele, New Zealand: “It was pretty intense. We knew we could steal a big end so we just had to do it. And we did! We had to get that last end and get the freeze and we managed to do that.

"We were set up from there and had to get the guards and stones in the right place. We gelled pretty well together as a team I think.” Johanna Heldin, Sweden: “I was nervous at the beginning, before the game. I haven’t played this kind of competition before, so this is quite new for me. I think he’s really great at curling [Steele] so I am really glad I am playing with him.”


Elena Stern, Switzerland: “We had great fun, we’re just disappointed to lose and won’t get the chance to play another game together. It wasn’t that hard to communicate with one another as we both speak English, we just didn’t make our shots count and the other team managed to make most of theirs.”

Sander Rouk, Estonia: “It was quite an honour to play with Elena. She just came back with a gold medal so I was really happy to be paired with her. She’s a great curler and thankfully played a lot better than me.

“Of course, Mixed Doubles is a lot different to normal curling, it’s a whole different experience, but we really enjoyed it. We had a lot of fun and it was great getting the opportunity to play with someone from another country, especially someone who is as good a curler as Elena. We’ve not had that much time together, but now we are out of the competition we will have a few more days where we can get to know each other better.”

Korey Dropkin, USA: "Yeah, I was excited, and I forgot," Dropkin said and laughed after the game. "I just didn't realize it at first and then I was like, 'Wait this is my fourth rock."

"We got our weight real quick, and we had a couple lucky breaks and we just kept the pressure on and got our six," Dropkin said.

"Hopefully, we'll keep it up and keep playing well," Dropkin said. "This was my first time playing mixed doubles, and it's been fun. Everything here has been fun. I mean it's the Olympics ... it's been great."

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