Mixed Doubles Session 3 - Player Reaction


Helen Radford, Canada: "I think it’s a great idea. It gives them an opportunity to meet someone from another country and learn how to communicate differently. In Canada, we don’t play mixed doubles so this is new for us. I think it’s a fabulous idea that curling has integrated the Culture and Education Programme within the sport as opposed to making it a separate event. So I commend the people who made the decision to do this. I think it’s a really, really great idea.”

Anastasia Moskaleva: “At first I was quite worried about the language barrier but then we tried playing together and it was ok. I really enjoyed the experience - it was a great opportunity and honour to play with a player from another country like Japan.”

Tsukasa Horigome, Japan: “I was quite nervous but I was glad that they won today. We understand each other using curling language, like tapping the house or the stone, so it was fine.”


Martin Sesaker, Norway: “It was fun, I think I learned a lot on one match. Based on how we played today I want to play more, and why not, I think we could go all the way. Of course, it’s difficult with the language. She doesn’t speak much English. But we communicate through body language so it works out well. She is really good at drawing and a great skip, which is very important in curling, and I think, with those skills, we will do very well.”


Marek Cernovsky, Czech Republic: "It was the first time that I've played Mixed Doubles and I didn’t know what to expect. I really enjoyed the game and hope Rachel did also - it’s always more fun when you win! She had a very good game, her draw shots were very good and saved the game for us.”

Rachel Hannan, Great Britain: “It was good to win but it was hard at the start. I felt quite relaxed out on the ice which probably helped me - when I get uptight it gets harder. We just met each other yesterday at practice so we’ve not had much time to get to know each other and how each other curls. But it’s been a really great experience - it’s really good how all of the nation’s get to mix together and we get to meet new people.”


Bridgette Brunner, Switzelrand, Coach of Lisa Gisler and Mathias Genner: "It’s very interesting having such different nationalities playing together – people who have never played together before or played this game. I have noticed there can be a great differences between them.

"It's special. I don’t think we can say we will win or lose – what is important here is the game. I have only German-speaking teams. They may speak the same language but there are still communication problems! But it’s fun.”

Tom Howell, USA: "It was interesting, we both noticed that for a few ends every single stone was in play so that’s fun and not something you get to do very often."

"I’ve never really skipped before so I was kind of being the team leader. It’s fun to get our first victory, especially with the language barrier. I didn’t think it would be so easy but we did well."

"I think we get along very well. Obviously there’s that language barrier. She doesn’t know very much English but we use hand signals and we high five each other. We know the sport of curling. Curling is kind of a universal sport so we’re lucky that everyone knows it so we can work it out.”

Ying Yang, China: "I am very happy and excited about our performance today. He is an excellent player and I can learn a lot from him.

“I really like Mixed Doubles. I don’t think it is important to win, just to enjoy ourselves and we are certainly doing that.”

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