Mixed Doubles Session 4 - Player Reaction


Irena Brettbacher, Austria: “It was great play Mixed Doubles - it’s a nice change from traditional curling. We had a lot of fun and really happy that we won! We played really well and I think we learnt a lot from each other. We never really thought we would lose because it’s normal to make three or four points in one end which makes the game a lot more exciting. Amos played some great shots tonight which kept us in the game and we’re just so happy to win, it was a great experience.”


Romano Meier, Switzerland: “That was the most exciting game ever. It was great.

“It’s a bit of a shame that a game like that is in the first round! They are a really good team and they played really good. Sometimes they were down but they always came back. It was a terrific game.

"Eleanor is a really friendly and happy person. She’s always happy and she’s so cute. We first met in the mixed team competition in the first game. Eleanor is so sociable, she talked to everyone. At the time we joked about the fact that we might play the mixed doubles together and we did!”

Eleanor Adviento, New Zealand: “That was probably the best game of my life, there was real tension. Mixed Doubles is a great format - I'm so happy that they’ve done this. I’ve made a new friend now and he’ll be a life-long friend.”

Duncan Menzies, Great Britain: It feels great. Taylor played some super shots there that pulled me out of the rubbage a couple of times. She had two perfect shots in the eighth and ninth ends. I couldn’t ask for anything more. It was nerve-wracking."

Taylor Anderson, USA: "He did too, in the middle he had these crazy takeouts that I didn’t know what was going to happen and they all just shot out. In the eighth and ninth ends I was shaking. I’m a lead so I never throw last shots so I was shaking with the big shots."


Derek Ornyiak, Canada: "It was pretty tough. The other team played great. It’s tough playing when you’ve never played this format before but we had a lot of fun, so I can’t complain.

“We hung out a bit yesterday and today just getting to know each other, we hoped that it would work…apparently not! But it was still fun getting to know each other. It’s good way to get to meet new people and to have fun.”

Frederike Manner, Germany: “It was not so great a game. But I like it and to play with him. Our opponents were two top players.”

Maki Tamakuma, Japan: "I am very happy. My team mate was very good. We only had one practice before today for about 40 minutes so we didn't have much time together. I want to try hard to win our next game and perhaps a medal if we are lucky."

Minhyeon Yoo, Korea: "We were surprised that the score was really big as the German's and Canadian's have really good Mixed Teams. They are both very good players so we are really happy to win by so many points. It feels very different to normal curing but it feels good to be playing together with another nation."


Rasmus Wrana, Sweden: “We had a good start and that helped us pick up momentum. We both played some good curling tonight and worked well together. We had a strategy and stuck to it which I think also helped us win the game.

“So far Mixed Doubles has been great. Mixing the teams has been interesting because you meet different people from other parts of the world. Some teams might have a language problem but we can both speak English so it worked out well for us.”

Kerli Zirk, Estonia: “We were lucky we could both speak the same language as it helped us communicate better on the ice. I really enjoyed Mixed Doubles, it was fun but took a little while to get used to. We knew either team could score lots of points every end so we needed to stay focused. Rasmus played really well and we stuck to our tactics which was why we won by so many points I think.”

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