Muirhead siblings learn the art of curling from each other

Thomas & Eve Muirhead GBR photo: WCF/Richard Gray

Eve and Thomas MUIRHEAD (GBR) are trying to be the best in a Curling dynasty.

The sister and brother are successful in the same sport as their father, Gordon, who was a Curling World Champion.

“He never pushed us to do it. If we wanted to play, we played. I think that is really important. Young people cannot be pushed into a sport. We both enjoy what we do,” Eve MUIRHEAD said.

Thomas MUIRHEAD has two examples to follow. His sister is 21, five years older than him.

“She has been really successful since she was young and I am trying to achieve the same,” he said.

Eve MUIRHEAD is four-time World Junior Women’s Curling champion, a senior World Champion Silver medallist, and she also represented Great Britain at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

She is at the Innsbruck 2012 Winter Youth Olympic Games as an Athlete Role Model.

Her brother is taking part in the Games. He Curls for the Great Britain team and is enjoying the experience.

“It has been great to get the experience of the Olympic Games. It is huge to stay in the Olympic Village. This is all new, having the whole media around and living with different athletes,” he said.

Eve MUIRHEAD also thinks the Youth Olympic Games is a great opportunity for young athletes.

“If I had the chance to go to a Youth Olympic Games when I was younger, I would have definitely jumped into the challenge,” she said.

“The Olympic Games can give you a lot of experience, not only because of the competition, but also for the Olympic environment.”

They play and train together. Eve MUIRHEAD said: “We learn from each other every day. There is always something that you want to improve and to learn, not only in order to win. It is also important to learn how to lose.”

He said: “It is really good to have that chance. I can talk to her as I cannot talk with another athlete. We ask each other for advice.”

Thomas said, while he laughs, that his sister wants to be the best in the family, so he tries really hard to compete with her.

“We always try to be better than each other. But that is also a good goal because we both improve at the same time.”

He admires his sister because she knows how to handle the pressure. “I like her ability to play well when she can achieve high goals, even in a very young age.”

But she would also like to have one of Thomas' specialities: “Men can throw the stone harder than women," Eve said. "I work trying to throw the stone harder. That is something I would like to have from him but it all comes with training. If I could achieve that, it would be a massive weapon for a lady.”

IOC Young Reporter Arnel Miguel Almedo Silva

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